The 37th SIG Meeting

今回は,栗野教授(慶應大)にメカニズムデザイン分野のご研究についてお話しいただく予定です(12/15 @早稲田大学)

Posted on Oct. 15, 2018 Last modified on Oct. 20, 2018

第37回 集合知メカニズム研究会

次回研究会を下記の要領で開催することになりましたので,ぜひ奮ってご参加ください.なお,ご参加の場合は,事前に水山までメール等でご連絡くださればと思います. m(__)m




タイトル:House Allocation with Overlapping Generations

Many real-life applications of house allocation problems are dynamic. For example, each year college freshmen move in and seniors move out of on-campus housing. Each student stays on campus for only a few years. A student is a newcomer in the beginning and then becomes an existing tenant. Motivated by this observation, we introduce a model of house allocation with overlapping generations. In terms of a dynamic rule without monetary transfers, we examine two static rules of serial dictatorship (SD) and top trading cycles (TTC), both of which are based on an ordering of agents and give a higher-order agent a more advantageous position in the assignment procedure. We support a seniority-based SD rule by showing its dynamic Pareto efficiency. Similarly, we support a seniority-based TTC rule under time-invariant preferences by showing its dynamic Pareto efficiency and incentive compatibility.




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